We won the 5th place in The IEEEXtreme Global Extreme Programming Competition

Recently, the results of the IEEEXtreme 15.0 programming competition were announced. The CoolSunlightBear team sent by our group has achieved the 5th place in the world (2nd in Asia). The three student members of the team are Zihui Liang (captain, supervised by Prof. Bakh Khoussainov), Ziliang Xiong (supervised by Prof. Mingyu Xiao), Yuxi Liu (supervised by Prof. Mingyu Xiao), and the team adviser is Associate Prof. Yi Zhou.

The IEEEXtreme Global Extreme Programming Competition is a famous international programming competition sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). The 15th IEEEXtreme programming competition (IEEEXtreme15.0) began on October 23, 2021, attracting 5,561 teams from the world’s top universities in the computer field. In the competition, the IEEE official website will issue a series of programming questions online 24 hours. The organizer will rank the participating teams in real time around the world according to the degree of completion of each programming problem. The competition will greatly test the mental, physical and psychological limits of the players. In this competition, under the guidance of Associate Prof. Yi Zhou, the team members calmly responded and collided with the spark of wisdom in the teamwork competition. With their excellent professional ability and perseverance, they finally won the fifth place in the world and the second place in Asia.

In the IEEEXtreme Global Extreme Programming Competition, teams sent by our group in the programming competition won the second place in the world for two consecutive years and entered the top ten in the world four times. They are:

  • Ranked 5th in the world in the 15th IEEExtreme programming competition;
  • Ranked 2nd and 8th in the world in the 12th IEEExtreme programming competition;
  • Ranked 2nd in the world in the 11th IEEExtreme programming competition;